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19 February, 2018

Deep Night's Sleep

Are you chasing that elusive deep nights sleep? Do you hop into bed at night and your head starts chatting or list writing or reminding you of all the things you forgot to do today or need to remember to do tomorrow?

Well, this was me. This was my normal for all of my life even as a small child. That my friends is a thing of the past! 

Peace and Calming Essential Oil

I found Young Living Essential Oils in October 2010 when my friend gave me a sample of Peace and Calming essential oil and said ‘put this on the soles of your feet tonight and it will help you sleep.’ I had always been a bad sleeper often taking hours to drift off into a light sleep, so with this in mind I actually rolled my eyes at my friend and thought to myself its going to take more than a placebo affect to help me sleep!

peace calming oilI'm delighted to say I was 100% wrong and have been sleeping deeply and swiftly ever since. Young Living changed my life and it all started from this one sample of oil. I have since found there are 10+ oils that are amazing for sleep and I actually enjoy rotating through them on a monthly basis. It could be argued I break all the pre bedtime rules and am glued to my screen working until about 5 minutes before bed, yet I sleep deeply and swiftly…every.single.night!

I also love how these sleep oils set the mood for my small children too, aged 2.5, 4.5 and 6.5. They each have a diffuser on their bedside table with commonly Lavender Essential Oil in it. They call it their “confuser” and they insist on dropping the oils into it. Its part of their routine now and they love it and I love that they sleep so well. We also pop a drop on the soles of their feet too. The sleep oils have been a game changer for our family and it’s impossible to imagine our life without them now.